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 In Australia

Australia may not be the most tropical destination for your dream summer vacation but it still isn’t an impossible choice! Despite not making much noise during the season of sun and sand, the beaches in Australia are much worth checking out. You can even say they’re almost underrated! So if you’re not fancying another trip to this tropical hotspot you visit every single summer then it may be a great idea to take the road less traveled this year!

Get your passports stamped for Australia and plan your summer itinerary with our guide to Summer Around the World: The Best Beaches in Australia:

Experience Australia’s pride: Whitehaven Beach


Dubbed as the most beautiful beach in Australia, Whitehaven Beach is the best choice for your first summer trip in Australia.

Part of Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach could just be the number one beach of choice for anyone looking for the perfect summer getaway in Australia. On any trip to the continent, you will often find the beach and its sand featured in their postcards or travel magazines. Its silicon sand contributes a great amount to its popularity. It is said to be much finer than the usual sand and will not burn your feet as much too.

This popular beach also measures 7km long. It’s so vast that it’s hardly ever too crowded despite its popularity. Aside from its clear blue waters and fine sand, the beach also boasts coves, lagoons, and inlets. The additional treats only make Whitehaven Beach truly Australia’s most beautiful beach.

Witness a sight to behold at Cable Beach


More than its beautiful pristine waters, Cable Beach is much more known for its bewitching sunset.

Like many other beaches, Cable Beach offers you a bed of fine golden sand and clear blue sea. But aside from enjoying some water activities, the beach can also feed your eyes. When dusk is approaching, the beach finally reveals its unique beauty. Here you will witness the sun as a beautiful bright red-orange ball, setting in the sky.

If you enjoy sunset viewing, it may be a great idea to amplify the experience. Witness it as you lay back at Broome’s very own Sunset Bar with your favorite drink in hand. If you’re aiming for a more unique experience, the beach also offers sunset camel rides.

Go extreme at Burleigh Heads Beach


If you’re up to visit beaches for some surfing then Burleigh Heads Beach is the best beach in Australia for you.

Despite its location being extremely close to urban areas in the Gold Coast, Burleigh Heads Beach’s waters stay clear and unpolluted. It’s almost a miracle in itself! But the real attraction here is that the beach offers amazing surf conditions, you’d be dead if you left your surfboards home. The beach whips up perfect tubes often that it has become a surfer’s paradise in Australia.

Aside from its perfect waves, the beach also has winding walking tracks. Following this, you’ll get to tour yourself on many kinds of wildlife that live both on land and sea. It’s a peaceful break from all the surfing.

Bring your camera on your trip to Wineglass Bay


Feast your eyes on a combination of colors only nature can perfectly mix at Wineglass Bay.

Many people come to Wineglass Bay with their swimming attire, but a lot more come with their cameras. Known as a shutterbug’s paradise, this piece of paradise in Freycinet National Park lets you capture the most amazing photos at any time of the day. Imagine the creamy white sand contrasting against the pink granite peaks that surround it on one side and sparkling turquoise blue sea on the other.

Aside from taking amazing photos, there are also many other water activities you can enjoy on your visit to Wineglass Bay. You can opt to go snorkeling, kayaking, wildlife spotting, and hiking by the time your camera’s batteries are dead. Not a bad idea!

Get out of your comfort zone and into Mandalay Beach


Relaxing on a beach that’s seemingly untouched by commercialism is a unique experience that Mandalay Beach gives best.

On a small edge of Walpole, you will find an almost isolated beach called Mandalay. If you’re looking for luxurious hotels and endless drinks from the bar then this is not the right beach for you. From its rocky headlands to its vast greenery, Mandalay Beach only offers the most authentic island experience with its seemingly untouched and rugged shores.

Another unique experience only the beach offers, Mandalay, a Norwegian shipwreck from 1911, can sometimes be spotted during low tide. This is actually where the beach got its name from!

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