5 Indian Snacks to Enjoy on your Midnight Eats in Mumbai

 In India, Mumbai

There is a myriad of Indian and Asian food available in India, especially in the city of dreams, Mumbai! From curry to the freshest rolls, you just won’t run out of flavourful dishes to choose from. But when night falls, many of us still experience post-midnight cravings. Caught up in this sudden urge to munch on some snacks in the city? We got your midnight eats in Mumbai covered!

Known as the city of dreams, Mumbai can easily satisfy anyone dreaming of food late at night. From the spiciest to the sweetest, check out this list of 5 Indian Snacks to Enjoy on your Midnight Eats in Mumbai:

The Light of Asia’s Chai Tea


If you’re looking for the best Asian food past midnight then look no further than The Light of Asia.

A popular restaurant in Mumbai, The Light of Asia serves you some of the best Asian dishes in the city. Perfect for any level of hunger, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that the restaurant’s menu does not only contain snacks. They also have full meals served all day. Their menu is also pretty much extensive as past all the Chinese soups and Indian snacks, you’ll also find pizza and the like.

While their menu contains pretty much every dish you can probably think of, their Chai Tea remains as the most popularly ordered item. And because the restaurant is open for 24 hours, you can definitely have your tea fix past midnight!

Ayub’s Biryani


Developing a penchant for spicy flavors since your stay in Mumbai? Ayub’s has got those cravings covered late at night!

Ayub’s menu consists of the most classic Indian food you can think of. And because of how the Indian palate is, almost all their dishes are made spicy! Despite their all-star Indian menu, people flock here for their sumptuous grilled kebab. They munch on these treats up until 4 am!

A dish you can’t miss for the world when dining at Ayub’s is their biryani. Biryani is a classic Indian dish, made of rice and many other ingredients. Ayub’s offers two variants, vegetable and non-vegetable. So far, both versions haven’t disappointed!

Amar Juice’s pav-bhaji


A sudden craving for a light snack, such as bread, in the middle of the night is not a problem at Amar Juice.

Amar Juice in a snack shack in Mumbai known for its pastry dishes. Their menu composes of bread dishes, such as pizza and burgers. While these comfort food may sound satisfying, we recommend you to opt for a pav-bhaji!

Pav-bhaji is a classic Indian dish composed of bread and curry. Locals enjoy this dish by dipping the roll of bread in the thick vegetable curry and taking big delicious bites. But you can relax and take your time eating the dish though as the curry can be too spicy to many. After all, you have until 3 am to eat!

Bademiya’s mutton kheema


When it comes to late night rendezvous with your appetite, the most popular choice in Mumbai can only be Bademiya.

Bademiya is the go-to place for every person who gets these sudden cravings late at night in Mumbai. The shack is known for their vast menu but is most popular for their kebabs and curry. Another notable dish here is their mutton kheema. Mutton kheema is a gravy curry recipe made with minced meat.

If you’re planning to dine here then make sure to have a car with you. The food store has become really popular that it’s always crowded even until 4 am! For those who can’t get a lift, you can opt to order for take-out and stay at the bars surrounding Bademiya.

Bachelorr’s desserts


That midnight urge to snack on sweets is an easy case to crack with Bachelorr’s desserts.

Mumbai may have the palate for spicy food, but when it comes to sweet cravings, Bachelorr’s takes the crown. This dessert parlor serves fresh juices of all flavors while their shakes are just out of this world! Aside from these refreshments, Bachelorr’s can also satisfy your urge to snack as they also serve grilled sandwiches and small pizzas. They have all the comfort food you’ll ever need!

You can grab your shakes and ice cream sundaes at Bachelorr’s up until 4 am. Their place is also very comfy, you’ll surely stay here until closing time!

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