5 Places to Enjoy on a Family Trip to Jakarta

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In the whole of Indonesia, Jakarta may just be one of the busiest cities there is. Jakarta alone comprises of numerous tourists spots. In addition to this, festivals and many other events happen here and there! This makes it a great place to take the family with you. With all the sights and happenings around, the kids will enjoy each minute of the day! But the problem is they also have the tendency to become hyperactive and easily bored. No problem! Be the best parent they could ask for and plan your family trip to Jakarta ahead!

Planning to take the whole family around? Plan the day ahead with our 5 Places to enjoy on a Family Trip to Jakarta:

Wow the kids at Ragunan Zoo


A trip to Ragunan Zoo is sure to calm your kids down as they marvel on the friendly animals it has in store for them!

Let’s face it. Everyone knows that zoos are every kid’s favorite place to be. And in Jakarta, the largest and most well-maintained one could only be Ragunan Zoo. The zoo boasts 140 hectares of a spacious area for endless fun and discoveries. It also serves as a home to 295 species of animals, from mammals to reptiles to fowls, and much more!

Ragunan Zoo also hosts regular animal shows that are sure to excite your kids. Usually during weekends, tantalizing snake dances, elephant rides, and shows are all the rage in this zoo.

Level up the wild experience at Sea World


If there’s one place that can top what Ragunan Zoo has to offer then it can only be Sea World.

Fact: kids can never have enough animal-watching. And if Ragunan Zoo didn’t quite make the cut with them, Sea world is here to save you from the tantrums. A popular part of Ancol Dreamland Complex, Sea World boasts a collection of over 4000 marine animals from 300 different species! All can be viewed and enjoyed by your kids in their 80-meter tunnel.

If simply looking isn’t enough, take your kids to the touch pool. Here, people are allowed to have closer interactions with safe marine animals. The kids are sure to get thrilled!

Let them learn while having fun at Fantasy Land


Fantasy Land promotes a fun way of learning through its exciting yet informative attractions.

Another fun attraction inside the massive Ancol Dreamland Complex, Fantasy Land takes its visitors on a fun journey of learning. Its 95-hectare wide area is dedicated to replicating old Jakarta, Africa, America, Indonesia, Europe, Asia and the Palace of Dolls. It’s like a time travel portal for your kids!

Aside from these historical places, Fantasy Land also has numerous fun rides to reward your kids for a successful learning experience. One of its most popular rides is a rollercoaster called Halilinter. You must try it with your kids!

Have a family picnic at Martha Tiahahu Park


A park of endless green, Martha Tiahahu Park is easily the best choice for a family picnic in Jakarta.

After a day full of fun adventures with your kids, it’s time to retreat to relaxation. And while you’re at it, make it a picnic bonding with the whole family at Martha Tiahahu Park. Famous for being one of the widest parks in Jakarta, Martha Tiahahu Park boasts a 20950-square meter wide area of greenery. It’s the perfect spot for that family picnic your feet have been yearning for.

While you relax yourself with the amazing views it offers, your children are free to play and run around as the park is wide enough for many families. Many bird species also loiter around the area for your kids to discover! It’s a win-win.

Cap your family day at SMESCO Indonesia


There’s no better way to end a day in Jakarta than shopping for souvenirs at SMESCO Indonesia. A great treat for yourself and for loved one back at home.

SMESCO Indonesia is a one-stop shop for all things Indonesia. Their main building remains in Jakarta, the country’s capital, and is luckily where you are! The souvenir center offers a variety of unique handmade crafts from the locals of Indonesia; it’s a colorful shop to explore! If you want to take a piece of trinket as a memorabilia of this trip with your family then you’re in the perfect place!

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