A Day of Unforgettable Adventures in Jakarta with your Friends

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Jakarta is quite a busy place. The city houses various tourist spots from corner to corner and festivals happen here almost every week! This makes it a perfect place to visit with your friends. But no matter how eager the squad is, it’s impossible to attend to all places and events unless you live in Jakarta with your friends. Take the lead and get the whole team to the most enjoyable places in the city!

From amusement parks to nightclubs, it’s your chance to spend A Day of Unforgettable Adventures in Jakarta with your Friends:

Have some youthful fun at Jaya Ancol Dreamland


Retreat to your childhood’s fun times with the exciting rides and attractions at Jaya Ancol Dreamland.

Also locally known as Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Jaya Ancol Dreamland is the largest amusement park in Jakarta.  Unlike the local amusement parks we’re used to, Jakarta’s pride offers more than just fun rides. The park serves as an all-around entertainment park with its many sections. Some of which are Sea World, Fantasy World, and Atlantis Water Adventure. You’ll never run out of things to do with the gang!

Although recommended for a trip with your friends, Jaya Ancol Dreamland has much more to offer for visitors of all ages. You just have to go and see for yourself!

Start the island adventure at Marina Jaya Ancol


The connector to many other islands in Jakarta, Marina Jaya Ancol is where all the watersport adventures start.

As the port to Jakarta’s Thousand Islands, many tourists treat Marina Jaya Ancol as a point of departure to adventure. But you shouldn’t! Why leave the area when tons of water activities are already available here? For a more relaxed bonding, you can opt to rent some water cycles, canoes, sail boats, or fishing gear. But knowing how adventurous the gang is, get ready for some jet skiing and windsurfing!

Aside from the many fun activities, food shacks are also readily available around. Truly a great place to hang out all day with your buddies!

Visit Jakarta’s Paradise: Thousand Islands


A favorite destination for many tourists, you can’t possibly miss Thousand Islands when you visit Jakarta!

Despite its name, Thousand Islands (locally known as Pulau Seribu) comprises of 120 beautiful tropical islands. But this doesn’t make it any less heavenly. After all, it serves as a quick escape from the hustles and bustles of the city. Every tropical island in this piece of heaven on earth poses a picturesque beauty. Palm trees crowd each island’s creamy and fine sand.

Aside from the islands, the corals steal much attention from many visitors too. Its abundance and rich colors are a sight to behold. While the myriads of fish that live around are priceless to watch.

Switch to immersion at Situ Babakan


Situ Babakan is the best place to start learning about Jakarta’s Betawi Culture.

Jakarta is not just a place solely for fun and excitement. The city contributes a huge fraction of Indonesia’s culture. When you find your gang in the city, it sure wouldn’t hurt to take a break from all the adventures and get to know the city.

Situ Babakan is a place specially built to teach the ways of Jakarta’s Betawi Culture. The locals do a great job maintaining their culture; they deserve our presence and attention.

End the night with a bang at Jenja


An adventurous day with your squad can never be complete without a party to end it. Head to Jenja for the best night of your life!

Although one of the newest bars in Jakarta, Jenja has captured many dancing hearts already. Most people even attest that it is already the nightclub with the most happening in the city! Its interiors are comfortable but never over-the-top while its drinks are quite a hit.

Jenja may appear like the usual nightclubs, but their music is unique. Don’t expect to hear your oversaturated club songs here because the bar specializes in non-commercialized techno music. Now that’s a new vibe to dance to!

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