Spending a Romantic Day in Jakarta with your Loved One

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Indonesia is known as a very festive country, especially its capital, Jakarta city. Many cultural and modern events are held within the city day from time to time. This only makes it a perfect destination when traveling with a group, whether it be with friends or with family. But there’s more to Jakarta than festivities and group bonding! Jakarta can also be romantic if needed. Planning a trip to Jakarta with your loved one? You found yourself the right guide!

It isn’t impossible to impress that special someone during your trip to Jakarta. Here are easy tips to Spending a Romantic Day in Jakarta with your Loved One:

Impress her at the Indonesian Orchid Park


Instead of giving her a bouquet, surprise her with a garden full of orchids at the Indonesian Orchid Park.

Flowers never go out of style when it comes to dating. But you can always step up your game by taking her to the Indonesian Orchid Park instead. Located in East Jakarta, the orchid park serves as a home to endless species of orchids. Many flower and orchid enthusiasts visit the park but it can also be a great place for a date.

Not limited to the beauty of orchids, the history of the park is also quite insightful. The park is after all constructed as a symbol and reminder of respecting women’s rights.

Discover Indonesia hand in hand at TMII


Jakarta’s TMII is a beautiful theme park that allows all visitors to visit all the significant parts of the country without the exhaustion!

For a trip with your friends, destination hopping around the country may be the most exciting thing of all. But when you’re out on a date in Jakarta, the exhaustion is just a factor we want to eliminate. Good thing Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, or TMII for short, does just that!

TMII boasts a 100-hectare wide park that amazingly replicates all 27 of Indonesia’s provinces. Each pavilion bears intricate designs that highlight the characteristics of every province. Taking your date here is almost like dating her around Indonesia!

Take her to a colorful surprise at Jakarta Museum of Kites


One of the most colorful museums in Jakarta, the Museum of Kites is the most pleasurable a museum can get.

Unlike most museums that may bore her to death, the Jakarta Museum of Kites keeps a collection of much more colorful items: kites! Aside from its abundance of fun colors, kites are also much less complicated that the usual artifacts in museums. These can make great conversation starters.

The Jakarta Museum of Kites, locally known as the Layang-Layang Museum, holds collections of not only the colorful cultural kites. It also serves as a home to competition and sports kites.

Tickle her taste buds at Kila Kila


Have the best traditional Indonesian cuisine Jakarta has to offer for dinner date only at Kila Kila.

There’s no better way to end a date in Jakarta than to drown yourselves in traditional Indonesian cuisine, and the best restaurant for that is Kila Kila. Aside from the wide variety of traditional dishes only the Indonesians serve best, the restaurant is also known for its superb richness in flavor.

More than great food, the restaurant possesses great interiors, perfect for a date with a special someone. Pinwheels are seen prominently around the restaurant as it bears a symbolic meaning to the people. If all this grandeur isn’t enough, opt for a rooftop setting to upgrade the romance!

Relax all night long at Hotel Mulia Senayan


A perfect way to finalize a date, Hotel Mulia Senayan will not disappoint you and your partner with its grand facilities and interiors.

Earning dozens of 5-star ratings here and there, Hotel Mulia Senayan has yet to disappoint its guests. That’s all the more reason to take your partner here as she deserves only the best! Aside from its amazing facilities and dashing appearance, the hotel is also loved for its friendly and accommodating staff.

Hotel Mulia Senayan stands on a prime location as well. The hotel is surrounded by many posh restaurants to choose from when she starts craving. The view from every room also provides many romantic vibes as you fall into a well-deserved slumber.

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