More Places to Check out in Milwaukee with No Beers Required

 In Milwaukee, USA, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is the beer capital of Wisconsin. Their love for the drink appears evident in their history and city attractions. Even half their festivals celebrate beer! But although the city is 90% beer, there are other reasons and places to check out in Milwaukee!

From museums to golf courses, there are tons of reasons to enjoy the city sober! Check out our list of More Places to Check out in Milwaukee with No Beers Required:

Listen to musical performances at no cost at the Rotary Amphitheater


Take advantage of free live concerts presented by Live @ the Lakefront at the Rotary Amphitheater.

It’s always a great season for concerts here in Milwaukee. The city hosts a lot of free outdoor musical performances here and there. But the biggest f them all could only be Live @ the Lakefront. The Rotary Amphitheater hosts these free concerts every Wednesday from July to August.

Aside from these free concerts featuring some of Milwaukee’s finest musicians, their location is also delightful. The Rotary Amphitheater can be found in the Discovery World with a gorgeous view overlooking Lake Michigan.

Be mesmerized by the amazing Milwaukee Art Museum


More than Milwaukee Art Museum’s stunning collection, its building is also a work of art in itself.

Milwaukee Art Museum holds more than 2,500 pieces of art from a myriad of eras in history and is comprised of three buildings. Its first building, the War Memorial Center, houses both purposeful art collections and a veterans’ memorial. The museum’s greener side is called Cudahy Gardens. This portion of the museum features the creative gardens, plazas, and fountains.

Among the three, the Quadracci Pavilion gets the most attention. Its building’s Burke Brise Soleil serves as a moveable sunscreen that folds twice a day. It’s an experience you can’t miss!

Hop on America’s wild side at the Harley-Davidson Museum


Being the only Harley-Davidson Museum in the world, there’s just no reason to skip this attraction.

Worry not if you are a biker or not, as this unique and fun museum surprisingly gives joy to everyone. Located on a 20-acre campus in downtown Milwaukee, the Harley-Davidson Museum perfectly showcases the wild side of classic American culture with its dashing collections.

There are also plenty to explore in this modern and playful museum as many exhibits are made interactive. This may just be your chance to relive your cool and rebellious childhood dreams!

Embrace the greener fields at the Milwaukee County Parks System


An award-winning facility in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee County Parks System offers you the greatest golf experience there is.

If you’re looking for the best golf experience in the city then swing straight to Milwaukee County Parks System. Composed of 15 courses, the park has all the facilities for every kind of player. Its busiest area could just be the Par 3s, which has been massively helpful to the beginners.

For professionals, the Milwaukee County Parks System offers their Tournament Course at Brown Deer. The course is popular for it is where Tiger Woods began his PGA Tour career.

Spend it all at Wauwatosa


Whether you’re looking for independent retailers or on the hunt for luxury brands, Wauwatosa is the best place for shopping in Milwaukee.

Also known as ‘Tosa’ among the locals, Wauwatosa can be located 15 minutes from downtown Milwaukee. The streets portray a historic European-style village which gives it a more unique vibe. Here you’ll find the best deals on independent stores that sell not just clothes but also trinkets and food.

Right next to the streets stand the popular Mayfair. Known as Wisconsin’s most successful shopping center, Wauwatosa’s Mayfair will wow the shopaholic in you with its 180 shopping and dining retailers.

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