The Best Places to Get Yourself Drunk in Milwaukee

 In Milwaukee, USA, Wisconsin
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A lot of tourists visit the city of Milwaukee for its festivities. The events and happenings here just come rolling week after week! And in every celebration, the presence of beer just cannot be skipped as both locals and guests drink the day away. Milwaukee is the ‘Beer Capital of America’ after all! But when streets and parks start getting quiet, will there be no more reason to get drunk in Milwaukee? Throw your own party in one of the amazing clubs of the city!

Everyone knows that in Milwaukee, you don’t need an excuse to party! If the whole city’s in cool down, spark up your own party instead! Here’s a list of The Best Places to Get Yourself Drunk in Milwaukee:

Grab your coat and head to Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge


The classiest bar in Milwaukee, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge invites you to a night of unlimited drinks and class.

One of the city’s most popular bars, Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge is a bar that gives you limitless options. Here, you can name any drink of your choice, and they’ll surely have it! They even have a few originals to surprise you. No wonder the locals call this cocktail heaven the ‘King of Drinks”.  The bartender also plays a big role in this bar. Usually, guests just come and tell him their moods, and he’ll surely know which drink to whip up!

Aside from the myriad of drinks they serve, the venue also adds a massive amount of charisma to this bar. With interiors this classy, you’ll never feel too dressed up in your favorite tux and shiny shoes.

Party the hipster way at Boone & Crocket


If your gang’s into the whole ‘hipster’ vibe then there’s no better place to go than Boone & Crocket.

Sometimes, fancy wine glasses and shiny bar stools aren’t just that exciting anymore. To prevent your party from dullness, head to the most unique bar in Milwaukee! Boone & Crocket just has everything so new to your eyes; there’s no better term to describe it than ‘hipster’. From antique furniture to mysterious succulents to antlers on the wall, they have everything hipster in check.

To make things more hipster than it already is, they also serve many original drinks. One of these signature drinks is their barrel-aged Old Fashioned beer. It’s like a whole new world!

Don’t just party, Party Tiki-style at Foundation Bar


If it’s a festival you want then it’s a festival you’re going to get in Foundation Bar’s very own party.

Known as the original Tiki bar in the city, Foundation Bar knows how to play its part. Their venue is filled with bamboo, exotic-looking lamps, and much more Tiki-inspired interiors. that are sure to get you in the game. Despite its dark and mysterious appearance, the patrons of Foundation Bar still surely know how to party. They make sure that a night in this bar is like a mini exotic festival.

To step their game up, Foundation Bar also serves classic Tiki drinks. You can have your Mai Tais, Zombies, Flaming Volcanoes, and much more in this mini-festival of yours.

Feel the booze with a breeze at The Outsider


The bar with the view, The Outsider lets you enjoy all the booze you want in a refreshingly open atmosphere.

Out of everything, Milwaukee’s weather may just be the least lovely thing to consider when you want to go out. Because of this, rooftop bars are almost extinct in this city of booze. The good thing here is Kimpton Journeyman Hotel knew what was up and broke the idea. Currently located on the hotel’s 9th floor, The Outsider stands firm, loud, and under the stars.

Aside from the refreshing open environment and the endless choices of drinks, The Outsider also offers you the best view of the city you’ll ever see. Day or night, it’s never a mistake to head here for a beer ad a view.

Go for an iconic experience at Holler House


Milwaukee’s Holler House is a bar where a piece of you will always remain—literally.

Holler House does what every other perfect bar does. They serve your favorite beer here, in a bottle or in the can. They offer something to entertain you, such as their in-house bowling alley. They also have the best seats to keep you chilling here for hours. But those aren’t what keep people coming here.

The bras hanging in the ceiling put Holler House on the map. Technically speaking, they aren’t all bras. But as a tradition in Milwaukee’s most iconic bar, they encourage all guests to leave any item of clothing hanging on their ceiling. What a way to keep a piece of you in Milwaukee forever!

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